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Swiss publisher purchases second WIFAG OF 370 tower

The AZ Grafische Betriebe AG in Aarau, Switzerland, purchased a second WIFAG OF 370 6-high tower.

The extension to the WIFAG OF 370 comprises 12 printing couples, an autopaster and corresponding web lead elements.

The press controls will be extended by ABB. The two 6-high towers can produce 48 four-color pages on a small footprint. Two webs are run with conventional 4-high tower leads.

In the lower two printing units of the first tower, cyan and magenta will be printed on a third web, which is then led into the lower printing units of a second tower where yellow and black are printed.

The WRC color register control ensures the color register between the printing units of the two towers for this web lead. The new tower is also equipped with fan-out compensators and ink unit washing devices.

Start-up of the second tower is planned for October.

AZ Grafische will use the new tower to print 20 Minuten, a commuter newspaper. The press upgrade will enable the company to add pages and boost color capacity.